Rompers, Tassels, & Pom Poms OH MY!

IMG_9899 2.JPGSo if you read my last post you knew that I just went to Magnolia Market & Table! Well I wanted to do a separate blog just on my outfit. Earlier this month, I had posted a picture of a boutique purse & everyone commented on the romper the girl had on! I was shopping at Anthropologie with my boyfriend when I realized there was the romper everyone was asking about! I decided to try it on. Unfortunately they were out of smalls & mediums (my size). They had two XS & 2 Larges left! I went for it and thought MAYBE I could squeeze my way into an XS. Guess what?! They actually run a little loose and it fit perfectly!

IMG_9914 2.JPGThis Texas Weather is ALL over the place lately and I had been waiting weeks to wear this romper. Finally the day was Sunny with a high of 84 and I could bring this beauty out! I paired it with my also new wedges from months ago that I bought from Chloe. Walking in Wedges all day sure did give my legs a nice workout…I am sore this morning haha. I chose to pair the outfit with some cute accessories! My Maldives Bag from Brinisity Boutique & Some pretty statement earrings from Neiman Marcus..on SALE! IMG_9641.JPG.jpeg

Obsessing over these finds?! Click the Links below to visit their website!

-Romper from Anthropologie HERE

-Wedges from Chloe HERE

-Maldives Bag from Brinisity HERE

-Earrings from Neiman Marcus HERE


Brinisity Babe

Magnolia Table

Hello Lovelies! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Whether you were partying it up at Coachella or just chilling at home with the dog! I decided to take a fun little day trip to Waco, Tx and experience Magnolia Table & Market with my Mother and Sister-in-law. We live near Dallas, Tx so the drive was a little over two hours and we decided to go on a Monday since it would most likely be less chaotic.IMG_9914.JPG

After what seemed like FOREVER in the car we arrived at Magnolia Table for lunch. Since the restaurant only serves breakfast & lunch be sure to plan your day there accordingly. The place is ADORABLE! They have cute plants everywhere, of course and a take out place for those who want to take the goods home. They also have a cute little outdoor waiting area with cafe tables and a coffee, pastry, & juice bar (just incase your wait is hours long). They offered kids tic tac toe stone boards & offered some Texas Trivia to hangry customers whose table wasn’t quite ready yet. When we checked in at the hostess stand we thought there could be a wait with the number of people outside, but we could also tell that there was a lot of seating inside.


The hostess stated it would be a 2.5 hour wait! That is on a Monday guys! They say if you get to Magnolia Table on the weekend and don’t check in by 11am chances are you won’t be able to eat there for the day. The cut off for a Monday was 1PM. I would hate to see you drive all the way there just for them to turn you away.  The restaurant closes at 3PM & that is the estimated time we would get to eat. They offered it to go by faster if we sat with a community table and so we agreed. They also send text updates in real time offering a chance to see how many parties are in front of you and your estimated wait time, I really enjoyed this feature. I didn’t notice it at first so when they send you a text make sure to click the link and this will take you to the page.  To pass the time we took a tour, bought a snack (the chocolate croissant was the best one I had ever had), took some pictures, answered some trivia questions, & well waited.  IMG_9913.JPG

Honestly, we should have just taken the trolley to the Magnolia Market and came back to the restaurant. I suggest doing this if your wait time in more than an hour or so. They offer transport there and back and it doesn’t take hours to shop their market. The market is cute with home goods, bath essentials, & apparel. There is a yummy cupcake bakery that you could stop at and take one to go for after you eat….or before! There is a large grass square with food trucks, seating, & swings. This is a really great place to come hang out on the weekend with your family. Of course I don’t live in Waco so it would be a bit of a drive for me. The last thing they had was a really cute garden with a seed shop. This is where I bought the cutest little mister for my succulents! There are definitely some unique finds at the Magnolia Market, so if you get a chance I suggest a day trip. The weekday is best since it is less crowded & they are closed on Sundays so don’t try to drive up there or you will be very disappointed. P.S. We almost did this! IMG_9911.JPGIMG_9912.JPG

Back at the Magnolia Table we were luckily sat at an individual booth (no community tables for us!). We started with some lemon lavender donut holes, buttermilk biscuit, sweet bacon, & deviled eggs with jalapeño drip jam! I will say all four of these items were the bomb! The next thing I tried were the tater tots and I have to say I wasn’t a fan. They were like a mix of shredded has browns and mashed potatoes. This combination sounds amazing, however I just wasn’t impressed.

Overall It was a fun experience! I am not sure I will be going back to the Magnolia Table anytime soon just because of the drive & wait time. But I would definitely  go again!





P.S. Loving my outfit?! Checkout my Next blog for the details!